Queenmania rocks…


Stop The Clocks

Stop The Clocks - 2006

Don't Believe The Truth

Don't Believe The Truth - 2005

Callin’ all the stars to fall
And catch the silver sunlight in your hands

Come for me and set me free
Lift me up and take me where I stand

She believes in everything
And everyone and you and yours and mine

I waited for a thousand years
For you to come and blow me out my mind

Hey Lyla! A stars about to fall
So what d’you say Lyla?
The world around us makes me feel so small Lyla!
If you can’t say Lyla!
Heaven help you catch me if I fall

She’s the queen of all I’ve seen
And every song and city far and near Heaven-hell my mademoiselle
She ring the bell for all the world to hear

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